About Eagle Enterprises

Our company besides, enjoying the reputation of supplying quality labour, also provides labour consultancy service i.e. providing assistance and labour management and administration services for organizing labour camps at project sites.


Our system of selection is fool proof and guaranteed and we select the right people for the right jobs. The labour supplied by us, have to undergo thorough trade skill tests from a recognized technical institutes, who verify their fitness/ability through bonafide certificate. We also guarantee that in case any labour is found un-satisfactory within the probation period shall be replaced at our own cost. Our charges for provision of labour and consultancy are negotiable and can be determined through mutual discussion.

Company is fully committed to the complete satisfaction of both overseas employment seekers as well as Overseas Employment Providers. Company is a Manpower Recruitment Agency which is committed to job applicants who are desirous of overseas employment and helps them to find the right job and secure a better future.

At the same time, Recruitment Agency is also committed to its valued overseas employers who are seeking a talented, honest and hardworking workforce. Company offers them complete professional Staffing Services for the selection of highly skilled, semi skilled or unskilled manpower in any field. Company is committed in being sincere, honest and compliant to the overseas employers' every requirement and serves as its true Recruitment Consultant in Pakistan.

Company is a distinguished Overseas Manpower Recruitment Employment Staffing, Manpower Outsourcing Firm from Pakistan which is well recognized among our clients for over the decades. At Company we help our clients attract, select, engage, develop and retain the best and brightest People.

Company Pakistan’s fundamental goal is to improve performance at every level so that the whole becomes greater than the sum of each individual's expertise.

Company comprehensively contributing in the Nation Growth by providing quality Manpower Outsourcing Services in Pakistan which accomplishes this goal through the integrated efforts of two divisions:

Professional Overseas Manpower Recruitment Services:

Specialized Professional Manpower Recruitment, Contracting Services and Human Resource outsourced processes and Jobs.

Talent Management Services:

Strategies for Attraction, Selection, Retention and Development of Human capital.

About us

Company Outsourcing Firm delivers innovative solutions that address both Manpower Overseas Recruitment Strategies and organizational effectiveness - people and performance.

Company Overseas Recruitment Outsourcing Services Pakistan, We have developed a strong track record of helping clients run their businesses smarter and achieve greater success through people. Company translates Overseas Manpower & Human capital strategies into practical actions and measurable results. Contracting with a vendor to provide a service rather than providing it yourself Outsourcing, in literal terms, means sourcing from outside. It is the contracting out of a company's non-core, non-revenue producing activities to specialists.

Manpower Principle types

  • Traditional Overseas Manpower Outsourcing: In Pakistan the routine jobs or tasks that the staff of the organization does not perform are identified and the clients usually hire staff for this job.
  • Greenfield Overseas Manpower Outsourcing: Without hiring the service provider the organization can directly hire an imminent company which can execute their business which was not done in the organization internally.

Manpower Common types

  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Human Resources
  • Call centers
  • Payroll
  • Finance functions activities
  • E-publishing
  • Book keeping services
  • Accounting
  • CAD services

Business crucial Factors

For an organization the decision to outsource can be brought about by a number of factors:

  • Heavy workload
  • Lack of time or urgency
  • Lack of expertise
  • Deplorable cost to perform services
  • Shift to new technologies and/or existing technologies
  • Add to existing staffing levels hastily
  • Focus on operational, functional, or technical limitations
  • Return the focus of staff to core capabilities
  • Hasten benefits by rapidly employing services or projects
  • Trim down costs in an explicit functional area
  • Increase service levels
  • Reduce capital costs
  • Cut recurring operational costs
  • Enable business tactics and/or transformations

Why Manpower Outsourcing?

Every business gains massively through outsourcing. More and More companies are making use of outsourcing to get competitive advantage. By outsourcing, you can typically save 40-50% over prevailing Costs.

Every Organization looks for

Every business gains massively through outsourcing. More and More companies are making use of outsourcing to get competitive advantage. By outsourcing, you can typically save 40-50% over prevailing Costs.

  • Expertise in latest technology
      1. Tools & techniques
        More structured methodology, procedures and documentation
  • Rapid deployment
      1. Proficient and skilled Manpower
  • Lowered costs
      1. Reduced capital investment
        Reduced in-house inventory

Benefits of Manpower Outsourcing

Globalization and de-regulation has changed the entire face of business and the companies are about to receive the new business model, outsourcing. The new atmosphere speeds up business processes, eliminating administration costs and improving efficiency.

      Cost saving by 40-50%
      Reduce investment risk
      Get access to specialized skills
      Faster development and start up
      Overcome human resource crunch
      Ability to concentrate on core functions

What makes it possible?

It is now possible to have global development teams working round the clock on time critical projects.

      Better communication facilities
      Mature development processes
      Well-integrated teams

Next Phase in Manpower Outsourcing

If you have successfully outsourced part of your business by Company, it could be worth looking at other areas to deal out:

      Enhance out-of-control functions
      Reduces staffing demands
      Provides access to a new collection of advanced skill sets and technologies
      Guarantee shared risk and reward
      Respond quickly to changing organizational priorities
      Creates an improved and more reliable level of service

Manpower Outsourcing Trends

Overseas Manpower Outsourcing is nothing less than a full-blown mega-trend all around the world.

Manpower Outsourcing, going to be more and more of a mainstream phenomenon, is now a business essential.

Recent Outsourcing Trends

      Overseas Manpower Outsourcing is increasingly being accomplished as global sourcing or global delivery.
      The growth of the captives, organizations owned and operated in a foreign country by a parent firm. In Pakistan the workforces are employees of the parent company, not an outsourcing supplier.